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Carpet appearance depends on proper upkeep and maintenance. Spot and stain removal must be performed on a daily basis to ensure its best possible appearance. Speed is the key word in the removal of spots and stains. When an accident occurs, immediately absorb as much liquid or spillage as possible by blotting with white tissues or paper towels, sponges or other absorbent materials, such as white terry cloth towels or rags. In the case of paint, grease or other viscous compounds, use a spoon, dull knife or bone scraper to remove as much material as possible.

This section will cover the basics of spotting as well as specialized spotting procedures. Spots and stains are most often either water or solvent soluble. Please refer to the stain removal guide to determine which product eliminates common and not-so-common spots and stains.

IMPORTANT! Always pre-test spotters for color fastness by spraying on a white cloth or tissue and pressing against an inconspicuous area of the carpet. If color is transferred to the cloth or tissue, do not use that spotter.


General Stain Treatment Information

  1. Spots should be removed as soon as they are discovered. Spots left too long can discolor and stain the carpet depending on the makeup of the stain and the type of carpet.
  2. Always pre-test the spotter in a hidden area to check for carpet color fastness.
  3. Always blot with a white cloth to avoid color transfer from the cloth to the carpet.
  4. Always rinse with clear water (by hand or with an extractor) to remove any residue of the spotter. This will help to prevent the residue from reappearing as a new spot by attracting new dirt.



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