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Pet Odors?

Carpet Cleaning involves eliminating Pet Odor left behind by household animals. They might include such things as urine, feces or even vomit stains. Our Technicians at CleanSourceAz are specially trained to locate all pet stains and the infected areas are specially treated and removed during our cleaning process.

 It is not unusual for homeowners who have household pets to have urine stains on their carpet. Pets will urinate on carpet as an act of territorialism, anxiety, or simply out of need. If your dog is not neutered, they will pee on everything and anything - including all furniture, curtains, shoes, and handbags in your house.

What Can I Do Myself, Before Calling A Professional?

Stains that have appeared within a couple of hours can often be cleaned with good success. This can be accomplished by using a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water, followed by blotting with water only. Apply using a spray bottle. After this, absorb the spot with clean colorfast towels until it is as dry as possible. Older urine stains often require replacement of the carpet and pad in the affected areas and can also necessitate cleaning the sub floor with a disinfectant. Our company has fully trained tech’s that perform this service as well.

If All Else Fails  . . .

Please call us and we will be glad to assist you! Our Technicians are certified and formally trained in spot removal.


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